Monday, February 26, 2007

More winter fun

Although Tojo did not get to travel to the ultra-snowy environs of Syracuse, NY with one of his owners, he did get a very safe safety-yellow vest from his human great-aunt Judy. Tojo enjoyed wearing the safety-yellow vest on Oscar night, where he was easily seen by all guests at our party.

Tojo continues to dislike going outside in the wintry weather and often tries to hide when it's time to go for a walk. Here, you can see him using his chameleon-like blending abilities as he sits in a chair. It's good that we did not receive the safety ORANGE vest, or Tojo would probably spend the rest of the winter blending in with our couch.

Monday, February 19, 2007

New pug clothes

We are huge dorks and knitted a little preppy pug-sweater for Tojo. It doesn't fit him very well, so perhaps next time we should follow a pattern. Luckily, one of us got a book of dog sweater patterns from a friend!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Winter is here

Our little corner of the world had its first major snow last week. This came as a shock to Tojo, who, as he approaches one full year of age, had not experienced such accumulation. At first, he was happy to smell new things, but as the snow lingered, he began to view the snow as more of a cold annoyance. Tojo has always hated getting his paws wet in the rain, and the moist snow was not any more pleasant for him. In protest, he stopped using the bathroom outside (this was NOT a good week for housetraining!). Even his warm coat would not convince him to spend much time outside. We even bought him some jaunty little booties, but they did not please Tojo. We hope that the winter ends soon so that Tojo can start enjoying the great Queens outdoors again ... or we will have to move somewhere considerably less snowy.

Since the writer of this update hates the snow as much as Tojo does (perhaps he got it from her!), the only picture we have to post is of Tojo taking out his anger on a winter hat.