Thursday, December 07, 2006

Long time, no pug.

It has been a long time since the Tojoblog was last updated. In part, it's that it's the start of the holiday season (Thanksgiving has already come and gone; Chance, for one, is very happy). There's also a chronic lack of time in the day (too much damned work!!). Last, and most unfortunately, it's that Tojo is a tough nut to crack ... or train. He still barks too much, bites too much, and pees on our clothes to much. Worse still, people stop us on the street to comment on what an "angel" he is. We try to agree, but it's hard when we know that as soon as we get home, we have to deal with a daft pug running around as we try to clean up the dozens of paper muffin cups he spread all over the kitchen floor, and prevent him from eating the plastic container they came in.

We often meet people who also have pugs, and we can't help but ask how long it took their pug to calm down. There have been a variety of answers, from a year to (depressingly) four years. We can't help but think, really? Four years of not having anything toxic or shatterable within an athletic stretch of a curious puglet? Four years of hoping the neighbors can't hear his operatic shrieks, whines, and barks? Four years of being human chew toys??

Honestly, though, at least on the part of the author of this post, the main reason the Tojoblog has lain fallow is that I can't believe how naive I was to think that this blog would simpy chronicle my usual life of leisure, accessorized smartly with a little fawn dog. Since the reality is quite the opposite, I suppose I'm feeling a little chagrined.

At least the feeling will last only one to four years.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Trick or pug

It was Tojo's first Halloween earlier this week. With children, it's probably important to have extensive photo documentation of "baby's first Christmas" or "baby's first birthday," but, with pugs, Halloween is the big day. Pugs like to be the center of attention, and Tojo is no exception. This year, after not having time to gather materials for our pug costume of choice (Crazy Cat Lady), we were lucky enough to be given an extremely cute pumpkin costume. Although it was a little big on Tojo, he didn't seem to mind. Sadly, only a few people saw Pumpkin Tojo, since we had no trick-or-treaters. Next year, we hope to go bigger and better with Tojo's Halloween costume ... maybe something that hints at our Tojo's personality.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Party time, excellent

Tojo got to meet a lot of our friends last Saturday at a birthday party ... well, meet their feet, at least.

Gifts from human grandma!

Tojo has enjoyed the fun gifts he got from his human grandma. Unfortunately, he has gotten too long for the very cute Asian-print carrier, but he looks very stylish in his denim vest. Tojo enjoys the way it makes him look even tougher than he is!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

A quiet week

Tojo has had a fairly quiet week. He began being walked by Will, an activity that seems to tire him out. When we return home from work every night, Tojo seems to be most interested in cuddling up and sleeping.
The weather turned cold on Wednesday, and Tojo began snuggling under the covers with us at night. Prime ministers need down comforters, too!
Today Tojo will have his first outing to another person's house. He will ride the bus to Williamsburg in a very stylish Asian-print carrier, courtesy of his human grandmother.

Sunday, October 08, 2006


Although we live in an area with many canine residents, there is only one dog run. This sole dog run was a secret one, too: it was only discovered when an army of dogs was heard and a curious gentleman sought to find from whence the barking came. The gentleman was greatly pleased at the presence of a dog run not terribly far from the apartment (about ten blocks). He went in with Tojo, and, in addition to discovering a great resource, happened to meet a friendly dogwalker who will soon begin walking Tojo daily while we are at work.

We took Tojo to the dog run yesterday, and were saddened to see that he was the only dog there. Over the course of our time there, sadly, no other dog came. We used this opportunity, however, to run around and throw many sticks. As you can see here, the thrown sticks were sometimes ignored. Overall, though, it was a good time in a fun new place to take Tojo.

Today (Sunday), we officially agreed to take Tojo. He spent last night with his friend Peanut and was mighty tuckered out from his sleepover today. He also walked to very busy Northern Boulevard and got to smell many people and other dogs.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Jackass the Pug

Tojo has impressed us lately with all of the strange things he's been eating. In addition to his regular food and water, he's eaten (and often digested): glass, pillow stuffing, CDs, acorns, gaffer tape, newspaper, plastic caps for bottles, and olive seeds.

We recently changed his puppy chow to one with more vegetable vitamins, so with any luck, it'll help with his pica.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Some of Tojo's favorite things

Today we bought Tojo some new toys. Although Tojo appreciated them all, he was most fond of his chewy bone. In just a few hours, Tojo gnawed the once-rock-solid bone-shaped toy into a gooey wet noodle.

Tojo also likes to do everything to his dogbed except for sleeping in it. Here, he's playing hide-and-seek.

Who knows what new uses for his toys Tojo will think of next?


This blog is dedicated to a small pug named Tojo. He was named after Hideki Tojo, the Prime Minister of Japan during World War II. We adopted Tojo after his original owners were unable to take care of him. We hope that we can give him a good home.

We hope to post lots of stories and pictures of Tojo as he grows. Right now, he's almost seven months old. His favorite game is fetch. He strongly dislikes it when people sneeze. He has a red leash and needs to chew on things constantly.

We look forward to spending many years with Tojo, and hope that you do, too.