Sunday, June 24, 2007

Text-only edition

Our camera seems to be broken so there aren't many Tojo pictures to post these days. Tojo has been busy, though. This morning he traveled to Astoria Park for another pug meet-up. There, he met many friendly pugs and sniffed many hindquarters. Then he took a walk by the river - Tojo seemed to enjoy the salty breeze. Now it's time for a restful and cool afternoon in the apartment.

You may recall that Tojo is not fond of the rain and snow. It turns out that he's not too keen on the superhot weather, either - he will get so tuckered out that he lays down in the middle of a walk! Still, he does enjoy the fact that the nice weather brings more dogs out for walks, meet-ups, and other activities.

Tojo does not have any summer trips planned yet, although there's a movement afoot to get Tojo to the beach soon. Hopefully our camera will be working by then if we do go.